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Reflective Cloth Material

Reflective Cloth Material

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Custom Reflective Fabric Printing

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Best Reflective Tape for Clothing

Retro Reflective Fabric Manufacturer

Retro Reflective Fabric Manufacturer

The Composition of Reflective Safety Vest

Reflective Safety Vest is made from Sew On Reflective Ribbon and fluorescent fabrics. Safety Vest can play a warning and safety role in all kinds of light conditions. It is generally composed of color fluorescent fabric and reflective fabric.

The reflective material is made of glass or prism material, which makes the incident light orientate back along the original path. Reflective Safety Belt made of glass beads, reflective vest with the fluorescent background, is hundreds of times more striking than a safety vest with no reflective material under the light.

Fluorescent and reflective fabrics have a stronger effect. Fluorescent yellow reflective fabrics make the wearer form a strong contrast with the surrounding environment in daytime and night, under the illumination of light. Visual distance 800m is detected by the driver within distance, thus playing a role of safety protection.

Application of reflective fabric

Safety Reflective Ribbon is widely used in construction, traffic police, traffic coordinators, sanitation workers, logistics express personnel, volunteers, highway, and railway staff, road construction personnel occupational safety work clothes, played an excellent role in the protection.

Over the past decade, the death toll from night traffic accidents in the United States has fallen by 40% due to the popularity and growth of reflective materials.

In European and American countries, various regulations or propaganda emphasize the use of reflective materials, such as rain, fog, snow, night and other visual discrimination in the environment, the elderly, children go out, must wear or wear signs or clothing with reflective materials.

Traffic safety is the expression of personal accomplishment

In some countries, civilization and quality are first reflected in traffic safety. Obeying the traffic law is respect for life, responsibility for oneself and safety for others.

In Germany, children start wearing yellow reflective vests from kindergarten. When children begin to learn bicycles, schools will organize examinations. Riding a bicycle needs a helmet.

Japanese law stipulates that bicycles and other non-motor vehicles do not turn on the lights at night, and the penalty is about $900. Now that more and more countries are paying more and more attention to safety, striking signs can help you avoid a traffic accident, why not?

Importance of reflective fabrics

Industry data show that the size of China’s domestic uniforms market is now close to 100 billion mark. The industry expects that by 2025, the size of the domestic uniforms market is expected to reach ¥1500-2000 billion.

Here are a few more sets of data that we might see how reflective materials have made a difference in the nearly 100 billion school uniform market:

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents among minors aged 0 to 15 in China has reached 174,000 in the past decade. Road traffic accidents are the fourth leading cause of death among children between the ages of 0 and 14, many of which occur in dark conditions such as early morning and evening.

According to the mode of transportation, 45% of the children died in traffic accidents when they were walking.

The experimental data show that the reflective fabric with an inverse reflection coefficient of about 300 can achieve a visible distance of 300 meters. Thus, if the primary and secondary school students choose school uniforms with reflective fabrics, the various light environment of going to and from school, you can let the driver find them in time, thus taking early deceleration measures. It has greatly improved the road traffic safety guarantee for students.

Reflective Safety Vest

Data inference and school uniform visible trends, we can see that this wave of domestic school uniform consumption upgrades, security functions are becoming a new industry outlet. What reflective materials can make a difference in the safety function of school uniforms?

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl through simple engraving and thermal transfer process, reflective materials can be applied to various school uniforms. It is widely used in sports uniforms, T-shirts and other products.

Reflective Print Fabric

Reflective Print Fabric has a variety of substrate material, which can be directly used as the production cloth for school uniform. It has many advantages, such as beautiful patterns, many reflective angles of finished clothes, large reflective area, and higher safety factor.

Retro Reflective Mesh Fabric

Reflective Mesh Fabric is mainly applied to student safety products such as student bags, sports shoes and so on. Mesh cloth has a bright reflective color, wear-resisting, and folding resistance, waterproof and breathable characteristics. At present, there are more mature applications in foreign markets.

Reflective Leather

Reflective leather is mainly used in school uniform logo, decoration, zipper head, and other accessories, but also can be used in the production of student bag substrate. At present, the production of campus safety products is still in the exploratory stage.

Retro Reflective Elastic Band

Reflective Elastic Band is mainly used in traffic police clothing, sanitation clothing, and other special professional clothing. In recent years, because the frequency of students participating in outdoor activities is increasing, many schools have customized temporary school uniforms with reflective cloth, allowing students to participate in outdoor activities, traffic safety is more guaranteed.

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Safety Reflective Ribbon

Safety Reflective Ribbon

Reflective Belt Vest Wholesale

Reflective Belt Vest Wholesale

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Glow In The Dark Sticker Paper

Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Iridescent Reflective Fabric

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