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WL Reflective tape factory – excellent R & D team

Fire fighters often in the smoke and night and other low-light environment fighting, any light for them is the dawn of life.

To this end, WEALLIGHT in the reflective tape for clothing, fire engines reflective materil stickers, luminous fire safety signs, and so do a lot of professional research and development and production.

Firefighters Huang Zhichuan research and development of the “reflective fire water hose”, as the application of high value, the actual effect of good “original” scientific and technological achievements in Beijing public security police scientific and technological innovation “Golden Ideas” results show was concentrated display.

Reflective fire hose

WEALLIGHT R & D team to track the feasibility of its application and quantification. 

Reflective fire hose inspired by a fire, smoke line of sight blocked, two firefighters in the fire where missing. “Is the comrades on the uniforms of the reflective belt so that we quickly find them.

I thought, we can paste the strip in the fire hose, so set up a life rescue channel. “

 reflective fire water hose

In the case of smoke blocking the line of sight, firefighters can only rely on intuition to find evacuation routes, great danger.

Usually, the rescue lighting depends on the lighting line and guide rope, but the limitation lies in not only need power, but also length limit. Fire hose with reflective tape that does not require power and can be infinitely extended.

The use of reflective equipment to solve the problem of evacuation “ideas” just say, Huang Zhichuan has been comrades and leaders of the support.

Reflective fire hose for several experiments show that in the smoke environment, reflective water hose can greatly improve the identification of water hose, effectively shortening the evacuation time of firefighters and trapped people. Moreover, the firefighters in the smoke and dark fire scene, can quickly find the fire hose, to avoid the risk of being stumbled by the water.

reflective fire hose night

WELLIGHT R & D team draws on this good idea, while its possible problems, the professional research and development.

  1. Reflective film adhesive adhesive capacity, the need for super waterproof, high temperature, resistant to twists and turns;
  2. Reflective film surface wear resistance, reflective water hose needs long-term friction in the concrete floor and asphalt, you need to ensure its long-term reflective brightness;
  3. Reflective film flame retardant properties, need to use the flame retardant production process and raw materials to ensure that its high temperature environment will not cause secondary damage to our fire fighters;

reflective fire hose day

We have also developed the reflective heat transfer product. If you are interested, you can also look at it: Heat transfer reflective tape market.

WEALLIGHT reflective material factory – High precision equipment

Sophisticated embossing process equipment, so reflective film embossed a clear pattern, the surface is smooth without a sense of concavity.

 Precision embossing process

Strict adhesive control standards, precision to the thickness of the adhesive to 0.1mm, to ensure that the first paste to ensure late sticky.

 Strict adhesive control standards

Accurate to 1mm of the cut control, boutique and piracy distance is often only 1mm.

Precise equipment

WEALLIGHT road reflective film factory – the pursuit of the product

Multi-angle reflective, where to see are reflective, shiny level design, different angles of light exposure, have a reflective effect.Multi-angle reflective

Good glue, oily permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, super waterproof, the longer the use of adhesive more firmly.Good glue

Do detail, is the key to quality. More flat surface, more delicate printing, more beautiful paper tube.Do detail is the key to quality

If you want to know the installation rules of the reflective tape on the vehicle, you can refer to it: Reflective Tape For Vehicle installation example and requirements

WEALLIGHT vehicle reflective vinyl factory – high standards of quality checks, customizable production program, scheduled delivery of credit


Customizable program, scheduled delivery of credit – independent production.

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