Road traffic safety knowledge, you must understand the rules

Road traffic safety refers to the process of traffic activities, the personal injury or property loss can be controlled at an acceptable level of state.

Reflective materials can prevent and effectively reduce traffic accidents, but nothing is more important than our own attention to safety.

According to the WHO (WHO) statistics, about 1000000 people die every year on the highway.

A report published by WHO in 2004 estimated that about 1 million 200 thousand people died each year and 50 million people were injured in road traffic accidents all over the world, and the main cause of death was 10-19 year olds.

The report also points out that the most serious problem in developing countries is that simple precautions can reduce the number of deaths by half.

For example, in 2013, German:

per 1,000,000,000 travel-kilometres

Per 1000000000 travel-kilometres

Global mortality by region per million inhabitant in 2015

Global mortality by region per million inhabitant in 2015Global mortality by region per million inhabitant in 2015

Source: World Health Organization, Global status report on road safety 2015

Do you know how dangerous the truck is?

When the truck is turning, it has visual blind spot, and it is also a dangerous area.

Truck blind spots

In the turning of the freight car, there is a blind spot on the inside, and the outside is not safe, the freight car itself is heavy, in the case of freight, coupled with the weight of goods, turning, affected by the centrifugal force, prone to rollover.

Truck dumper

Therefore, we must pay attention to avoid being on both sides of the truck.

We don’t know when the truck will turn around, so try to keep the distance between the truck and the truck as much as possible to keep a certain distance between the truck and the truck

If you drive the car, feel the speed of the truck is slow, ensure not speeding, and confirm no other vehicle interference, not in the bend and fork road, horn, after passing.

When the truck is moving faster, try to slow down a little bit and keep a distance from the truck.

Road traffic safety — what do you need to pay attention to?

1. To open the turn signal in 3 seconds, of rear steering position without confirmation when the vehicle goes again.

Many drivers feel that there is no car behind, not turn on the lights. It’s a habit, not to turn on the lights. It’s scary and dangerous.

2. Meet the fork, first light on the brakes, left and right to confirm whether there are vehicles and pedestrians.

At the crossroads, even the green light, it should also slow down to confirm whether there are vehicles or pedestrians.

I once drive, in the green light situation, turn the corner, encounter pedestrians running red light, may be impatient, trot over, but fortunately the foot on the foot brake, timely braking, to avoid an unfortunate.

Often heard, someone will throttle when the foot brake. Listen, it’s incredible. Think carefully, if the accident happens, and your feet are on the accelerator, the accelerator when the foot brake is not surprising.

3. No overtaking at curves and intersections.

Bend and crossroads, bad line of sight, there are many unstable factors in front of the road, overtaking is prone to accidents.

In a corner, behind a car going to overtake, I wanted to give way. Suddenly see a car in front of the fault, stop, I will overtake, the car lane biased, so that the rear car stop overtaking, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

4. Equipment reflective adhesive tape

All countries have retroreflective tape regulations, freight cars and large and medium-sized vehicles must have the reflector of the reflective tape, such as the United States DOT C2 Reflective tape.

Small cars, bicycles and motorcycles although there is no mandatory requirements must have a reflective car. But there are also many people who buy reflective tapes for their own safety and for their own small cars. Such as bicycle reflective tape, motorcycle wheel reflective adhesive tape, car wheel Reflective Pinstripe Tape.

Today is not only for the safety of reflective stickers, reflective tape in a variety of colors, collocation of different colors, very beautiful.

bike reflective tape

British road accident statistics show that motorcycle passengers are 9 times more likely to crash, and 17 times more likely to die in accidents.

5. Wearing a safety vest

In Germany, it has been clearly stipulated that drivers must wear safety clothing to avoid vehicle failure and accidents when they get off the bus.

At night, the reflective material of a safety vest reflects light that can be seen in 200m. Thus avoiding the occurrence of accidents.

The application of reflective materials is more and more in traffic safety.

6. Banned drugs or drunk driving

Drink drugs will make people lose consciousness, very low ability to judge risk.

7. Reflective warning sign setting

When your vehicle fails, a reflective triangle sign is placed at 50 m-100 m from the rear of the vehicle.

Road traffic safety — what should individuals pay attention to when crossing the road?

Half of those dying on the world’s roads are “vulnerable road users”: pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Pedestrians crossing the road must first confirm whether there is no vehicle, not through the road without a zebra crossing.

Even if there are zebra crossings and green light, we also pay attention to whether there is a vehicle. You can’t have the mentality of obeying the traffic rules. An accident may be responsible for others, but you should be responsible for your life.

Dress with reflective heat transfer vinyl at night

Safety vests are made of reflective materials, but now people are looking for fashion. So we can wear the reflective heat transfer vinyl clothing, that is beautiful and safe.

reflective heat transfer vinyl for clothing

When crossing the road, you can’t run, pay attention to the vehicle, to ensure that the safety of the past

Some people may feel that crossing the road as soon as possible can reduce the time to stay in the dangerous area and avoid the danger

However, this idea is wrong, running across the road will reduce the reaction time to the driver, which is very dangerous

Usually, the reaction time is 1-3s, so the faster you are, the more dangerous you are.

The chances of survival for an unprotected pedestrian hit by a vehicle diminish rapidly at speeds greater than 30 km/h

Running across the road

The importance of road traffic safety

Compliance with road traffic safety rules is not only responsible for your personal safety, but also responsible for the safety of others.

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