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Reflector material is a high-tech product widely applied to traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, film and protective clothing, which is closely related to human life and property safety. This kind of reflective material is made by using the principle of high refractive index glass bead regression and reflection, and by the advanced process of focusing after processing. It can reflect the distant direct rays back to the light, regardless of the good reverse reflection optical properties in the daytime or night.

Retroreflective Tape Regulations: a report by NHTSA, an agency under the United States Department of Transportation states that retroreflective tape can effectively reduce impacts into trailers by 29%. This report has, unsurprisingly, led to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Especially at night, it can play as high visibility as daytime. The safety clothing made of this kind of high visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers regardless of whether the wearer is in the far distance or under the condition of light or scattered light interference. The appearance of the reflective material successfully solved the nighttime driving problem of “seeing” and “be seen”.

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Several characteristics of reflector material

Reflective brightness: reflective material is excellent, such as the reflection intensity of typical reflecting strength of typical values for silver products and white fluorescent yellow 500CPL reflective plastic film plant is 700CPL, in the night or bad vision environment to provide the most effective, the most reliable protection of personal safety.

Wide angle: reflector material is superior to other brand similar products not only in reflective effect, but also in wide angle, that is, when light is at a great angle from the surface of reflective material, it can still achieve good reflection effect.

Diversity: the reflective material with features and applications of various other products, with reflective fabric, reflective thermal film, reflective film characters, reflective ribbon, reflective film, reflective ink, reflective film and reflective drawing yarn, SOLAS products and other products, has convenient for users to choose a variety of.

Durability: reflector material have good aging resistance, wear resistance and washability. It can be washed or dry cleaned, and it is not easy to fall off. After many times washing, it can still maintain the effect of more than 75% of the reflective light.

The flexibility and wide application range: reflective materials are widely available, and safety vests and straps, work clothes, jackets, umbrellas, raincoats, sportswear, bags, gloves, shoes and other fields, but also shear character or trademark printing and pattern. In addition, the reflective film series can also be directly attached to the surface of leather or cloth.

The energy saving and environmental protection of the reflective ceramic tiles can be brightened and the decoration is strong

Driving at the high speed road, in the moment of entering the tunnel, the driver will feel the parallax no matter the light of the tunnel. Now, the problem that has plagued the driver for many years will be solved.

In January 12th, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of China (Mianyang) held the first conference on scientific research in Mianyang in the innovation center of the city of science and technology in Mianyang. This paper introduces the first successful application and the tunnel reflective tile of the German “red point design award”. At present, the ceramic tile is successfully applied in the Fu tunnel, was completed in the day before.

High tech ceramic tile enhanced the brightness of the tunnel and the energy saving and environmental protection

The first use of tile tunnel is located in the territory of Le Jia Xiang, nearly 300 meters long, “installed in the tunnel can reduce the tunnel lighting tiles, at least half the electricity.”. The vehicle light source, the walls on both sides of the tiles can be used for reflecting the light source, tunnel lighting up, and an aperture formed in the light front, with the vehicle traveling forward aperture.

At 8 o’clock on the night of 11, there was no light in the tunnel and the lights were closed inside and outside the tunnel, and the whole tunnel was dark. However, when the lights are opened, the tiles on the walls of the tunnel begin to reflect the light, and the tunnel will be illuminated. However, the reflective effect of ceramic tiles has no dazzling feeling.

The tunnel reflective tile is only 40 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide. It is not much different from the ordinary tile in appearance. But unlike ordinary tiles, the tile surface is designed to be a convex block. It is rough with hands. It can see some shining crystals on the surface, and the lights are on the tiles. The tiles are very bright.

A nocturnal experience reflecting ceramic tile without a light tunnel

The reflective ceramic tiles are made up of different coatings, which are ceramic layer, color layer, reflective layer and transparent UV layer used to protect the reflective material. The effect of reflective light is good, and it will not make people feel sharp. Reflective tiles are mainly based on optical principles and techniques. They are sprayed with a special reflective material on the traditional tiles, and at the same time, the tile surface is made into a small reflector at a specific angle. Different shapes can be used to achieve different reflective effects on the basis of different environment and reflection requirements. When the light is on the tile, the small reflector on the tile will reflect most of the light into the environment and make the environment brighter. In addition, the convex part on the top of ceramic tile is also sprayed with color layer and reflective layer, so that it can reflect the light source from multiple angles and enhance the effect of reflection.

The reflector material can be efficient use of lighting lamps and lights emit light, diffuse in inside the tunnel, through the size and position of reasonable arrangement of reflective material, form a complete set of tunnel lighting system and light source, to enhance the effect of lighting, tunnel lighting to save electricity. The 500 meter long tunnel as an example, the tunnel initial installation of ordinary tile use lamps 312, the use of the tunnel reflective tiles, only need to use the initial lighting of about 150, equivalent to a tunnel of electricity will be saving half, but also could save half of the cable accessories distribution facilities, installation and maintenance costs.

As a new material for safety and energy saving, tunnel reflective ceramic tiles are widely used in the field. Functional application in highway tunnel, tunnel, railway tunnel and city overpass underpass tunnel, underground parking lot, civil air defense engineering; decorative applications in the park, square, river edge, green road edge, walkways and other applications have environmental lighting demand and with the realization of city design and city light show sculpture, landscape design and light engineering etc..

Views on the personages in the reflector tile industry

The personage inside view, reflective ceramic tile for reflective material industry, is a major innovation. But compared with the traditional reflective film, it is necessary to consider the differences and similarities in practical applications.

1, Reflective film generally have a clear weather service, weather resistant reflective layer and a protective layer on the surface of the reflective tiles is yet to be verified;

2, The effect diagram view, Diamond Grade Reflective Tape reflecting brightness and wide angle will be significantly better than the reflective tiles, should consider how to combine the application of the two;

3, Reflective film has sophisticated construction technology, reflecting tile used in construction will certainly more complicated than reflective film, which is to be considered;

4, In addition to increasing the brightness in the tunnel, the reflective film also has the function of guiding and warning. The application of reflective tiles is relatively simple, the industry also needs to consider how to expand its application width;

5, In the tunnel of reflector material also very innovative flexibility, such as the recently popular reflective rings around the country. Reflective tiles on its product attribute, innovation elasticity will be relatively small;

Reflective tile tunnel

Change is the only constant. There are new changes in this industry every day. We only have to embrace change and create changes. In order to give the reflector material a brighter light for human safety.

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