Reflective heat transfer Vinyl, those secrets that you don’t know

Reflective heat transfer vinyl can reflect light completely.

Night reflected light is visible beyond 200 meters, ensuring your travel safety at night.

reflective heat transfer vinyl

With the development of traffic, the reflective vinyl industry prospect and development trend are getting better and better.

Reflective heat transfer vinyl based on fashion

Of course, reflective materials play an important role not only in traffic safety

At all kinds of part, concerts

We all like to use fluorescent sticks and lights to decorate this feast

In the darkness, the combination of light, personality and fashion


Wear reflective vinyl T shirt to go to the concert, how cool

I have a friend, Alice

A very trendy girl, beautiful fashion

Always like to walk in the forefront of fashion

She was excited a few days before she was going to see a singer she loved

But she was very upset, too

She was worried about what she was wearing

Once, inadvertently, she saw the reflective vinyl T shirt

Wow, she was attracted

And then she found me

Let me recommend her reflective heat transfer vinyl T shirt

Yeah, later, she was wearing the T shirt Concert I gave her

reflective vinyl

She was very happy when she came back

She said, very cool

I’m glad, too, because I recommend it

Is my vision good?

I think you must have a good eye

best reflective heat transfer vinyl

Selfie is so beautiful — reflective heat transfer vinyl

reflective heat transfer vinyl for t shirt

Pretty girls love to have a few self-timer

I also like to see beautiful girls on Facebook, LinkedIn on the Selfie

It’s beautiful

You think so, too?

best reflective heat transfer vinyl for t shirt

Wear reflective heat transfer vinyl T shirt photography fun

Yes, it’s very attractive

You must love me as much as I do

It’s a natural thing to like beautiful things

Reflective vinyl gives beauty and adds a beautiful Aura

Do you know that reflective heat transfer vinyl has another function?

In fact, reflective heat transfer vinyl also has a role,

It can reduce the temperature rise caused by direct solar radiation.

In the hot summer,

I believe everyone has this feeling,

Especially in dark colors,

Walking in the sun,

The clothes got very hot in the sun.

Dark colors have poor reflective effects and absorb most of the light.

Reflective heat transfer vinyl can reflect light

Keep your clothes cool at a cool temperature

ScienceDirect did a test of Effect of retro-reflective materials on temperature environment in tents

Comparison of tent temperature between reflective material tent and Ordinary tent

(1) Due to the low thermal inertia and poor thermal insulation, there is no obvious time lag between indoor and outdoor air temperatures and indoor air temperature in conventional tents is higher than outdoor air temperature 14.5 C, which shows indoor temperature environment is very poor. And solar radiation is a key factor affecting indoor temperature environment in tents.

(2) Owing to integrating with retro-reflective materials, the peak values of indoor air temperature and inner surface radiation temperature are reduced by 7.7 and 9.2 ~ C ~ C, while their average values are lowered by 4.8 and 4.9 C. It ~ C ~ shows that retro-reflective materials have an significant influence on indoor temperature environment improvement in tents.

(3) The retro-reflective materials can reduce outer surface temperatures of tents significantly and the reduction value of the peak temperature can be more than which shows outdoor 15 C, temperature environment has been improved obviously.

(4) Through a comparison of the walls in different orientations, on which retro-reflective materials are covered, the top, East and North walls were found to be better choices, while the north wall is the worst one to cover retro-reflectivity materials.

I like reflective heat transfer vinyl

I like reflective heat transfer vinyl T Shirt

I’ll get my family to wear it

It not only has beautiful appearance

It can also ensure the safety of my dear family

We can customize all kinds of reflective vinyl T shirt according to our own ideas

We used to go out on safety vest in the evening

But it always feels strange

The children don’t like it very much

Sometimes they complain about why they wear such ugly safety vest

Since they were wearing reflective heat transfer vinyl T shirt

They wear it every day

And say, oh, daddy, look, I’m cool

Watching them happy, I’m happy

Of course, in addition to the reflective heat transfer of vinyl made of clothes, you can also use glow in the dark material and colorful reflective materials, do you want to know? Can refer to Reflective transfer material and luminous, colorful reflective materials

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