Reflective heat transfer material and luminous, colorful reflective materials

Reflective heat transfer material is implanted reflective transfer film, also known as: reflective thermal transfer vinyl, reflective white film and reflective silver film. Concrete is divided into white (transparent reflective film that can do color effect) silver gray film (according to the brightness of different light reflective film or silver or anti bright silver transfer film). Reflective transfer film is suitable for the heat transfer and heat transfer of trademark cloth material; to make reflective effect of trademark; printing factory, printing factory, printing factory, factory, heat transfer heat transfer are useful to the raw materials company chapter.

It is suitable for general elastic fabrics such as cotton, chemical fiber, knitted fabric, woven fabric and blended fabric, such as cotton, blended fabric, advertising shirt, various traffic safety signs, outdoor sportswear, shoes and caps.

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A reflective material sutured on the clothes

The principle of reflective heat transfer into tiny glass beads on reflective film, reflection and refraction of light produced by the use of products, with light when light is not the effect, and products are divided into two kinds of ordinary light and bright.

The earliest, reflective heat transfer is mainly applied to traffic safety. With the increasing traffic convenience, the speed of vehicles has been continuously improved, and the consequent traffic accidents are also increasing.

Especially at night, the line of sight is poor, the rate of traffic accident is more than two times of the day.

The earliest reflective clothing is reflective tape for clothing stitched on clothing, made into a safe clothing. The reflective material has no hot melt adhesive on the back, and cannot be transferred to the clothes in the heat transfer machine.

Reflective Tape For Clothing

The application of the safety clothing is still very wide, the uniform of the traffic police and the work clothes of the sanitation workers have always been used in this kind of reflective material.

Application of reflective heat transfer material

With the breakthrough in the research and development of the reflective materials, the reflective materials and the thermal transfer technology are skillfully integrated, and the thermal transfer vinyl is developed.

Because reflective material can reflect the effect of light, the clothes with reflective heat transfer to vinyl can be very cool. Compared with safety clothing, it is more suitable for most people. People can wear all kinds of clothes to wherever they want to go, without embarrassing.

There won’t be people wearing safety clothes for parties, but they are wearing reflective T-shirt, or other types of reflectors.

The reflective clothing meets the security and makes us look handsome and beautiful.

reflective heat transfer vinyl for clothing

The color of the reflective heat transfer material has many kinds: White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Ultramarine Blue, Orange, Medium Yellow, Medium, and it is also used in the field.

The traffic safety is inseparable from the reflective materials, and the fashion industry has also begun to integrate with the reflective heat transfer vinyl.

Glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl and colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl

Now many people like their own DIY, their own purchase of a small heat press machine, at home, you can design their own heat transfer pattern.

Not only can the reflective heat transfer material be used, but also the luminous heat transfer vinyl is also very beautiful. Unlike the reflective material, luminous material releases visible light through the absorption of visible light when the light is weak, so as to achieve the purpose of luminescence.

Luminous heat transfer Vinyl Color: Pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, blue, white, yellow, etc.

glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl

The luminous color of the glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl is determined by the phosphor, the main colors: Green-yellow light, blue light, green light, orange light. Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl Leading Fashion.

There is also a variety of reflective heat transfer vinyl, through different angles of light irradiation, can see different colors, more suitable for Colorful Reflective Logo.

reflective logo

How to prolong the service life of reflective heat transfer clothes can be used as a reference: Reflective clothing washing method

The importance of reflective heat transfer material

We all love our family, and it’s necessary to give children and old people a reflective dress in the family.

Children’s attention is not easy to concentrate. Research shows that children under eight years old are very likely to neglect vehicles when crossing the street. If someone calls him, he may not notice the surrounding vehicles. As a result, they need the help of reflective heat transfer materials very much.

The old man moves slowly, and it is slow to deal with emergencies when crossing the street.

At 19:50 on December 1st, a traffic accident happened. The old man crossing the road crashed into the middle of the road with a car driven by Hu.

According to Hu after the statement, when he saw a black shadow trance in front of two or three meters from the right side of the car flashed, quickly hit the left direction, then on the right of the car came a “bang” sound from the rearview mirror to see the other behind the vehicle did not stop, think things are not serious, they left the scene.

A minute later, Lee drove through the road. Because the dark, with the impact of the opposite car lights, no deceleration, from the old man over the past. According to Li’s later statement, he saw that something similar to black wrapped on the ground had been very close. It was too late for him to take measures. He felt the shock of the front and rear wheels when he drove past. After a long journey, he stopped at the roadside to check the car and found that there was no problem.

About 10 minutes after the car came to the intersection and found a black object, which is not the vehicle off the goods, but also did not slow down, to the right direction to go around, but the car on the left or bumps, rolling to feel things, a section of the road stop, check back when found someone knocked. But Zhao was afraid and left the scene.

After the police came to the scene, the police found the old man dead.

Through the investigation of the police, the police detained Hu, Li and Zhao.

Forensic identification: Hu’s car has been knocked down by the old man and is a non-fatal injury; the driving car’s roller compacts the old man to death; the old man has died before the car is crushed.

The traffic accident is regrettable and can be avoided.

If Hu and Hu got a look at the car at that time, the tragedy might have been avoided.

If Li could see the old man lying on the ground at that time, it might have been unfortunate to have avoided it.

Reflective heat transfer material will not always be useful, but at the critical moment, it may save a person’s life, and life can’t be changed with anything.

Colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl

Colorful Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl