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What is reflective material? Reflective material is a material, such as a reflective fabric, that contains tiny glass beads that reflect light back to the source, such as a headlight.

WEALLIGHT is a reflective materials factory and Reflective Sign Company, wholesale all kinds of reflective safety materials, including Reflective Sheeting, Reflective Stickers, Traffic Sign, Reflective Fabric, Reflective Road Signs Materials, and so on. And we also accept OEM/ ODM order. If you need to wholesale reflective vinyl or custom reflective tape with your company logo or custom reflective stickers with your design pattern, contact us to know more details, please.

You may wonder why a reflective material doesn’t look particularly reflective by day but suddenly seems very reflective at night.

That is because reflective material bounces the light back to the source of light. During the day, the source is all over the sky. At night the source will be a flashlight you are holding or a headlight. The light is bounced directly back from the material, and as you are next to the source of the light, you see the reflected light very well. But if you stood to one side of a person with reflective material on, it would hardly seem bright at all.

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