Photoluminescent Safety Signs Seven Major Advantages

Photoluminescent Safety Signs also known as Glow In The Dark Safety Signs,

The photoluminescent film luminous principle is actually through the atomic electron energy level transition to achieve, non-toxic, non-radioactive, energy saving and environmental protection, is the future development trend of Safety Signs;

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The safe export indicator light is through the power of light, the whole working principle is controlled by a complex circuit chip.

The following is the circuit diagram of the safety exit indicator:

circuit diagram

Comparison of LED Exit Sign Light and Glow In The Dark Exit Signs of the seven major differences:

 Glow In The Dark Exit SignsLED Exit Sign Light
Luminous duration2H-10H (after light)1.5H (after power failure)
Energy consumptionVisible lightPower
InstallationPaste, no professionalsNeed professional guidance installation
Service lifeIndoor more than 10 yearsOver 3 years
MaintenanceNo needProfessionals regularly check for maintenance
Environmental protectionNon-toxic, non-radioactiveNickel – cadmium batteries waste pollution of the environment
ReliabilityHigh, without any impactLow, affected by the circuit

Photoluminescent safety signs advantage

In summary, we obviously see: light long time, low energy consumption, simple installation, long life, Easy to maintain, environmental protection, high reliability is the advantage of the Glow In The Dark Exit Signs;

As the fire, the elevator is not as safe as the stairs, the same emergency exit indicator light as the luminous safe exit is reliable;

Well known, electrical equipment in the event of a disaster, very easy to damage,

Our Safety Exit Signs is for the accident when we can escape,

It is not allowed to occur if the Safety Exit Signs can not be used.

Disaster may come at any time. Such as:

In 1993, following a cruise ship fire that killed 158 people;

In 2003, The World Trade Center was attacked on 9/11.

If we are unfortunate to meet the fire, even more unfortunately, this time the emergency exit indicator light due to battery failure can not indicate the intersection, it would be how unfortunate thing;

The most unfortunate is that the lights have been checked out in advance, but because of the need for professional maintenance, but not timely maintenance, resulting in a disaster, can not find the export, I think this is what we do not want to see.

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs, just absorb visible light, can light in the dark 2-10Hr, indoor life of up to 10 years, easy to change, paste it, you can quickly find the escape channel sign within 10 years.

Cherishes life, safety will not allow the slightest mistake.


Safety awareness of strong people has been in the use of WEALLIGHT Photoluminescent Safety Signs.

WEALLIGHT offers a variety of safety signs, including:

Glow In The Dark tape, Glow In The Dark Vinyl, safety exit signs, fire safety signs, etc.

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