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Luminous heat transfer vinyl basics

Luminous heat transfer vinyl is a special thermal transfer material, that the current world is very popular one can cut, and can send light at night.

It is the production process is the phosphor (Derived from rare earth elements) and PU material through the synthesis into a thin film finished after hot melt adhesive coating, and finally bonded with PET film.

The Luminous heat transfer vinyl combine the safety vest and the traditional heat transfer technology, a new type of material on the theme of safety and fashion

Luminous thermal transfer vinyl light principle

Phosphors absorbed light energy in the natural light, sunlight, light and other visible light.

When the outside light is weakened to a certain level, the phosphor slowly releases the absorbed light energy.

The glow principle of Luminous heat transfer vinyl is the same as that of photoluminescent film. Non-toxic, no radiation.

WEALLIGHT Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

WEALLIGHT’s glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl is an environmentally friendly and ideal clothing accessories.

Environmental Protection Standard Test, pass the test of SGS, 16P, eight main kinds of heavy metal, Formaldehyde, AZO, Organotin, PAHs, SCCP.

The luminous thermal transfer vinyl has excellent tensile, rebound and washability.

At the same time, we also strictly control all 16 production processes to ensure that each volume of the factory’s thermal transfer film has a beautiful product color and luminous brightness.

WEALLIGHT’s luminous heat transfer vinyl exquisite appearance

Professional color matching, luminous HTV vinyl in the state is not, on the very small fresh beauty.

Stunning luminous effect, we have gone through several process improvement before the fluorescent brightness control in such a stunning state.

Letting each color and glowing color of products have high level of appearance.

glow in the dark htv vinyl

Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl transfer process

After several tests, the best process of thermal transfer

(1) Cut down the shape in need with plotter cutting machine, tear away the protective film

(2) Heat press with the heat press machine

(3) Transfer temperature: 130-150 ° C, transfer time: 10-15 s, pressure: 3-5 kg

(4) Tear away the protect film immediately after heat transfer.

Hot bonding, no side, soft and scalable material, washable, of course, with longer!

Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl transfer process

Environmental protection technology, no side effects on the human body

From raw materials to production processes, adhere to high standards of environmental standards and skin close to the test, can be applied to personal clothing.

Our products pass the test of SGS, 16P, eight main kinds of heavy metal, Formaldehyde, AZO, Organotin, PAHs, SCCP.

Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl Apllication Effect

Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl to give you the taste of fashion.

Yeah, it is so cool.

Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl Apllication Effect

If you want to know a more fashionable heat transfer vinyl collocation, you can see it: Reflective heat transfer material and luminous, colorful reflective materials.

Cost-effective – Independent production, provides higher cost performance

  1. Independent production – to ensure you get the lowest price
  2. Independent production – to ensure that each batch of goods quality and stability
  3. Independent production – to ensure your delivery time

Independent production, provides higher cost performance

WEALLIGHT Quality Assurance

  1. Sampling Test: for every lot heat transfer film, we sample to do washing test.
  2. Clean production process: sealed production ensure spotless luminous heat transfer vinyl, we produce in sealed environment whole Process.
  3. Constant temperature drying process: it ensures adhesive fastness and excellent flexibility to dry with constant temperature in the entire production.

Luminous HTV Vinyl Quality Assurance

Luminous heat transfer vinyl Storage Suggestion

  1. Photoluminescent Vinyl should be stored in a cool, dry area, best at 65-75ºF (18-24ºC) and 30-50% relative humidity and should be applied within one year of purchase.
  2. Use the process to ensure that the product was dried, prolonged exposure to the humid environment will affect the quality.
  3. In unopened packaging intact, well-stocked, the shelf life of 12 months of the date of manufacture.

WEALLIGHT’s service


WEALLIGHT is engaged in research and development of reflective materials for many years factory, a professional development and production team, provide you to buy with professional advice.

We produce a variety of reflective materials and luminous materials, including:

Luminous heat transfer vinyl, glow in the dark tape, reflective heat transfer vinyl, photoluminousmance fire safety signs, reflective film, reflective tape DOT C2, bike wheel reflective sticker etc.

Customizable purchase service

  1. Can be customized color, printing patterns, width, length and other specifications.
  2. According to your application scenarios and regions, adjust the glue, surface material, logistics solutions.
  3. According to your brand, customize your packaging, print your company’s LOGO.

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Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

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