How to buy Photo Luminescent Tape

Photo Luminescent Tape is more and more widely used by people all over the world.

The Photo luminescent Tape can be used as Safety Signs, but also very fashionable, so the Photo Luminescent Tape is used by many families and workplace!

You can refer to Photoluminescent Safety Signs Seven Major Advantages.

The Photo Luminescent Tape absorbs visible light, and when the light is weakened, the visible light is released, through the storage of rare earth elements in the energy level transition to achieve the effect of light, non-toxic, non-radiation, safe and environmentally friendly.

Can be used in the stairs, and some need to indicate the place, To prevent a sudden power outage, resulting in operational security risks.

Can also be made into a variety of small ornaments, placed in a child bedroom, luminous can bring children safe, accompany them to sleep peacefully.

Can also be used for various meetings, looks very cool, and so on.

There are seven main colors of the luminescent film on the market: Yellow-green, Khaki, Pink, Orange, White, Green, Blue, and the colors of night light are: Green, Yellowish green, Orange, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow green.

If you want to customize other luminescent colors, we need to specially configure the phosphor, and the price will increase a lot. The surface pattern or text can print any color you want.
Glow In The Dark Label Maker

Custom Glow In The Dark Labels

Glow In The Dark Vinyl Sheet

Glow In The Dark Vinyl Sheet

Photoluminescent Exit Tape

Photoluminescent Exit Tape


How to judge Glow In The Dark Vinyl is good or bad?

In fact, is suitable for their own Glow In The Dark Vinyl, different price of the Photoluminescent Tape, the effect is naturally different.

Photoluminescent Film Nontoxic, non radioactive

There are a lot of people will worry about the Photoluminescent Tape will have radiation.

In fact, as long as we understand the principle of radiation, we know how to determine whether the Photoluminescent Tape radiation.

Radiation is through the continuous attenuation of radioactive atoms, the release of energy, it seems the same effect of light, if it is phosphor into the reflective atoms, is the radiation can be excited by the Photoluminescent Tape in the rare earth element electrons, which has been shining until the radioactive atoms Decay to the stage where the human eye can not be identified.

Knowing the principle of luminous, we can easily determine whether the Luminescent Tape contains radioactive material.

When the light on the Photoluminescent Tape disappears, the Luminous Tape generally can only maintain 2 ~ 12H, and the process is more and more bleak, And radioactive material is not very easy to dim, as long as the Luminescent Tape can not be exposed to the place where the 24h (such as drawers), and then observe the light in the dark whether the Photoluminescent Tape.

If you can see the obvious light, the description is containing radioactive elements.

the other hand, it shows that there is no radioactive elements in the Luminescent Tape.

Knowing more about the Luminescent tape can be used as a reference Luminescent tape —— How much do you know?

Photo luminescent Tape luminescence time

The luminescence time of the luminescent film is determined by the rare earth elements in the luminescent film.

There is a long time, and the time is relatively short.

The general time is distributed in 2-4h, 4-6h, 6-8h, 8-10h, 10-12h.

This is in accordance with individual needs to buy, the general price is proportional to the time with the light.

The luminous brightness of the Photoluminescent Tape is determined by the amount of phosphor per unit area, the more the phosphor per unit area, the longer the light-emitting time, the more bright, the higher the price.

Photo luminescent Tape Surface Materials

The Photoluminescent Film surface is PET, PVC, PMMA different surface film, the price of PMMA higher than PVC, PVC higher than PET.

PMMA good weather resistance, but because it is more brittle, easy to tear, the price is expensive, the application will be less.

PVC is based on the PET in the increase in a layer of PVC film, more than one material, another process, the price will be more expensive than PET. 

PVC film made of Photoluminescent Film can be used for printing, printing, printing, photo, suitable for mass printing.

PET film can be used for engraving words, not suitable for large quantities.

When you purchase Photoluminescent Tape, it is recommended to make decisions based on market demand, not necessarily the price of the better, the right is the best.

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Safety Tape for Steps

Safety Tape for Steps

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Film

Photoluminescent Film