How Does Retro Reflective Material Work

How does retro reflective material work? The retro reflective material is produced by the principle of optical refraction oriented regression with glass beads or microprism materials, and has no radioactive and side effects on the human body. The warning signs and costumes made from reflective materials are hundreds of times higher than those of non-reflective materials under lighting. It has obvious effects on ensuring transportation, equipment and personal safety, especially for the elderly, children and disabled people.

Production and development of reflective materials

Dr. Qifang Dong, a Chinese American, first developed a glass bead directional reflective film in 1950, and then developed a series of materials for the reflective fabric. In 1968, the American ROW-LAND brothers invented and patented the reverse reflection technique of microprism. The United States 3M company (with glass beads products) and the United States Reflexite company (micro prism products) of the reflective material early into the Chinese market. The research on the application of reflective materials in China began in 1979. Mr. Fenggang Gao, the security technology research department of the Ministry of public security, led a group of research on the application of reflective materials. Since then, a number of Chinese researchers have developed “advanced glass beads”, “high-intensity reflective film” and “retroreflective marker measuring instrument” to meet the development needs of retroreflective materials in China, laying the foundation for the development of reflective materials in China. At present, the reflective materials produced in China have formed the scale of production, and the quality of the products has been improved gradually. The reflective fabric produced in China has reached the international EN471 standard in 2000.

How Does Retro Reflective Material Work – Reflective tape technical principle

At present, the reverse reflective material supplied by the market can be divided into two types: glass bead type and microprism type.

The principle of the glass bead type technique shown in Figure 1 is that light focuses on the bottom of the glass bead and then reflects back in the direction of the light through the vitreous body.

The principle of the microprism type technique shown in Figure 2 is that the light is refracted from the three surfaces of the microprism and returns to the direction of the light source.

The principle of Reflective Tape Work

The reflector area of the microprism crystal is larger than that of the glass microsphere. Therefore, the reflectance of microprism technology is 250% higher than that of glass bead technology.

Figures 3 and 4 show the structure of a glass bead and a microprism under a microscope.

the structure of a glass bead and a microprism under a microscope

It can be seen from the diagram that the glass bead is uneven and different in size, while the microprism is the same size, and the arrangement is accurate. The microprism crystal can return more than 70% of the incident light back to the incident light source.

The microprism type reflector is fully sealed. Because of this characteristic, the product’s reflective brightness is hardly affected under wet conditions, while the traditional exposed reflective products lose nearly 80% of its original brightness under wet conditions.

The traditional exposed glass bead products are easily shedding by friction. The micro prism reflective products are dustproof, wear-resistant and waterproof because of a smooth layer.

Exposure type glass bead reflective materials are mainly used in reflective fabric (what is reflective fabric made of) and reflective heat transfer vinyl.

Application of retro reflective material

With the rapid development of the world economy and the increasing number of cars, a lot of traffic demand is generated, resulting in a high demand for traffic flow and traffic safety. At present, in order to adapt to the development of traffic, all highways, provincial highways and urban road design departments have adopted high brightness reflective signs in highway and design and management to ensure the safety of driving.

On the freeway, drivers who drive high speed vehicles need reflective signs with high brightness guidance, so that we can detect the road ahead and take actions to avoid accidents.

In the city in the downtown area, as the business activity is frequent, so the traffic volume and the complex, the driver of the vehicle is often subject to interference to the other side of the car lights, street lamps and advertising neon lamp, accident prone, reflective material can make the driver in the city with bright background light confusion can still easily be found in the road ahead, climate poor lighting, poor conditions can manifest its value.

In a word, reflective materials promote the safety of cars and roads, cars and cars, cars and people.

With the widening of the application field of reflective products, some developed countries, such as the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany and other countries, require highway, railway and traffic signs to use reflective materials. The international marine life saving agency also stipulates that the lifesaving equipment must be equipped with reflective materials, and the use of the reflective materials is used as an important basis for insurance compensation.

In order to ensure the quality of the reflective materials, the relevant international standards have been formulated, such as the EN471 high visibility warning suit, such as the international professional clothing standard.

By using all kinds of reflective strips, reflective stripes, reflective badges and entertainment reflective patches, we can greatly improve the visibility of drivers at night to long-distance runners, pedestrians and cyclists.

Reflective products, using special technology, can produce all kinds of reflective advertising products based on different needs of users, including various company patterns, characters, printing and hot pressing. In order to improve the personal safety of the user. The builders and first aid personnel rely on the daytime luminescence effect of the reflective belt and the night light effect to ensure their personal safety.

The reflective belt provides an ideal personal safety guarantee for outdoor road maintenance personnel, firefighters, police and airport ground crew.

Some experts believe that in addition to drivers violating traffic rules, speeding driving and children playing in streets, the color of pedestrians’ clothing is gray, which is a “hidden killer” of traffic accidents. The street light is not dark, but pedestrians, cyclists when crossing the street like hiding in the opposite to the light halo in the shadow of the driver is difficult to find out and respond; drivers from the “sunshine” on the road suddenly into the shadows, it is difficult to adapt to the eyes of all of a sudden, if pedestrians, cyclists when crossing the road, the result will be very dangerous.

Heat transfer reflective tape market: European Law expressly stipulates that outdoor workers must wear high gloss reflective material uniforms. This uniform is both practical and beautiful. Its excellent reflective performance has greatly improved the personal safety factor of airport ground crew, highway staff, firefighters, traffic police and first aid personnel, thus promoting the insurance relationship between vehicle and people.

The National Highway Administration of the United States stipulated that all box wagons must be equipped with reflective safety bars in 1992. On highways and highways, reflective materials are used in the tail and body of trucks and trailers, providing obvious safety signs for other drivers.

ECE 104 E-Mark reflective tape requirements: In addition, many European trucks and police cars are generally fitted with special reflective characters. In Britain, police cars are equipped with high brightness anti light products, which fully guarantee the good visual effects of the day and night and improve the safety factor. The practice shows that the rear end accident rate of trucks and trailers fitted with reflective products has been greatly reduced.

American law (DOT Reflective Tape Regulations) clearly stipulates that all trucks and trailers produced after 1993 must be fitted with high visibility reflective materials (What is DOT Reflective Tape Made Of). A large amount of reflective products should also be used in the doors and trunk of various small motor vehicles.

The reflective road signs, reflective triangle sign and reflector cone with fluorescent orange can ensure smooth traffic in road construction area and traffic accident scene. The daytime fluorescent effect and ideal night reflection effect of these products provide good day and night visibility for traffic safety facilities in road construction area and high speed maintenance area.

More than 20 countries in the world are using reflective road signs, reflective road cone and warning signs and other traffic management reflective products at the construction site.

Marine reflective products are widely used in lifejackets, lifebuoys and life rafts to ensure seafarers’ personal safety. At the same time, they are also widely applied to navigation systems such as navigation, buoys, channel identifier, etc. At present, the maritime authority of many countries in the world has approved the use of marine grade reflective products, such as: SOLAS Reflective Tape.

When sailing on the sea, the light reflected from the product is clearly visible from 500 meters away. The United States Coast Guard maritime specify the use of reflective products, applied to the navigation signal card, buoy type color coded channel identifier and navigation system.

The good visibility of the marine products in the far distance is very convenient for the night inspection and the lifesaving work.

Reflective materials in our country since the end of 1980s, and gradually expand the scope, has been widely used in public security, traffic, fire, sanitation, municipal, railway, coal mine safety facilities and personal protective equipment, such as roads, municipal, sanitation, rescue, reconnaissance and other industry personnel should wear reflective clothing at work.

At present, Chinese public security and transportation departments have set up relevant standards, such as police vest, road traffic sign board and so on. With the improvement of Chinese people’s life and the increasing safety awareness, it has been shown in China’s civil products. Sports shoes are: Doublestar, Lining, clothing: Gweat, Conway, in the use of reflective materials to decorate their products. The function of clothing has become one of the future development trend in all kinds of clothing, people’s pursuit of performance, security risks to the highest value, and it is difficult to measure with money, the scope of civil application of reflective material is wide, from clothing, bags, shoes to transport bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles can be applied.

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