Heat transfer reflective tape market

Heat transfer reflective tape market is getting bigger and bigger, and applications more and more, it is an important part of safety clothing, is very important for traffic safety.

The prospect of the reflective material is very good, not only the traffic safety can’t be separated from the reflective materials, but the heat transfer reflective material is also integrated into the fashion world.

The principle and function of heat transfer reflective tape

Reflective clothing is a personal safety supplies, be made from the heat transfer reflective tape embedded in the main parts of the clothes or vest,

For night or bad weather conditions, better protection of staff in outdoor work.

Especially road workers, traffic road departments, road commanders, police, sanitation workers, etc.

Its high reflective play warning role, Protect the safety of the staff.

reflective vest

What are the advantages of Heat Transfer Reflective Materials?

In the field of transportation, heat Transfer Reflective materials are widely used:

Reflective signs, vehicle numbers, safety facilities, road warning signs, warning signs, reflective clothing, etc.

Reflective materials are divided into:

Heat transfer reflective tape, reflective belt, reflective lattice, reflective paint and so on.

According to different use of the scene, the use of different forms of reflective material.

The advantages of reflective material, generally have the following five:

sliver reflective tape

  1. Visibility

Night can reflect the light emitted by the vehicle, to achieve high-intensity, long-range visible effect, improve the driver to find the distance of the front object, give the driver more time, take appropriate safety measures.

  1. Flexibility

Reflective materials can be applied to different nature of the clothes, can be flexible to change the flexibility.

  1. Durability

Has a good anti-aging, wear and washability. After repeated washing, you can still maintain more than 75% of the original reflective effect.

  1. Diversity

Reflective material types: Reflective cloth, reflective heat transfer vinyl, reflective belt, reflective lattice belt, reflective silk, reflective edge, reflective ribbon, etc.

  1. Extensive

Can be used for safety vests and straps, work clothes, jackets, rain gear, raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes, hats and other fields, but also cut the reflective logo or sign.

Rainy night, outdoor security preparedness, are you doing it?

reflective clothes

Night accident

Rain is falling all around

The fire brigade receives the alarm

Serious car accident, causing people to be trapped inside the car.

After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade immediately dispatched two fire engines and 14 firefighters wearing a reflective uniform to the scene.

Site, a van and an engineering slag car head collision,

The front of the van was severely damaged,

A man’s leg was stuck in the cab and made a heavy groan.

The incident section at the cross street,

There was no street light on both sides of the road,

This is also the main reason for the collision of two cars.

After the investigation,

Firefighters cut and disassemble the doors with professional equipment,

And the use of expansion equipment continue to expand the cab, increase the rescue space.

Lucky, successful rescue the wounded.

It rains and the wind is never weary,

The day is dark and dreary,

Poor sight is the source of this accident.

Night protection —— Reflective material for clothing

In the case of darker light is the most prone to traffic accidents,

Be sure to do outdoor safety work.

Walk in the rainy night or light relatively dark environment,

Good outdoor protection work can’t be ignored,

Wearing a reflective service or reflective vest is a good choice,

Even if the light is dim,

Under the irradiation of the lights

The heat transfer reflective tape on the reflective clothing can reflective the dazzling light

Improve their visibility,

Protect your own life.

Retro Reflective Material make it more safe to go out at night.

Heat transfer reflective tape for Reflective vest

Reflective vest to become the German car standard?

With the gradual improvement of vehicle safety technology,

In many European countries,

Traffic accidents are reduced year by year.

But the number of deaths from the second traffic accident has not declined.

Secondary traffic accident is the car in the event of failure,

The driver on the roadside troubleshooting,

By the rear vehicle who don’t understand the situation, once again hurt.

Especially on the night highway,

The possibility of a second accident is very high.

reflective vest

When the car has a rear-end accident,

Need to set the rear of the vehicle reflective tripod and other signal identification,

Guide the rear of the vehicle to avoid risks.

However, in 1, 2 lane an accident occurred,

After the driver escapes from the car,

When across the fence or crossing the road,

Particularly easy to collide with the rear vehicle.

At this moment,

The driver wore a reflective vest,

You can give the car a good tip.

Reflective material loves your life

Germany had a similar traffic accident,

In the absence of street lights next to the national road,

A large truck parked on the roadside.

When the truck driver gets off the bus,

Because there is no wear with a reflective strip of clothes,

Causing the rear vehicle did not find the truck driver caused tragedy.

The German government in July 2014,

In the passenger cars and commercial vehicles (trucks, buses) forced with a safety vest.

However, the motorcycle does not enforce the provisions.

Night walk out of the people,

Night to ride a bike to go out,

We recommend wearing a reflective clothing.

Love your life.

Reflective clothing climbers’ guardians

Mountain climbing is a cool fitness activity.

Mountaineering can be divided into mountaineering expedition, competitive climbing and fitness climbing.

Mountain climbing equipment to adapt to the climatic conditions of mountaineering,

In the design, selection, materials, production

Try to make it light, strong, efficient, and can be a multi-purpose.

Among them, the choice of reflective heat transfer vinyl is very important.

Reflective mountaineering clothes

Mountaineering clothes not only to keep warm,

Can withstand the ground friction when the fell,

And must use a very good reflective material,

Can be in the vast snow-capped mountains, or green mountains,

There is a very bright color.

Mountaineering suits for mountaineering,

Has not just a simple dress,

He is the life guard of the mountaineer.

To a large extent bear the safety of climbing.

Good heat transfer reflective tape,

Can effectively protect the athletes during the climbing process,

Play a fight against the cold, and the role of warning.

Reflective material to make sure the safety of “Night jogging family”

More and more people to join the “night jogging family”

After the busy work,

To a night jogging,

Both exercise,

Also released the pressure.

In order to solve the security risks of running at night,

Night runners will introduce reflective material,

Reflective sports clothes

Reflective Heat Press Vinyl For Clothing can be reflected in the light irradiation light,

Past vehicles and pedestrians are easy to identify night runners,

Enhance their own security.

General night joggers use more reflective belt,

Reflective with a high degree of visibility made of reflective material,

Mostly wristbands or reflective belt can be tied to the body, the legs.

Reflective tape at 300-1000 meters distance can form reflected light,

So that the night jogger in the distance is also very clear,

Can be easily found,

Provide a preventive effect,

Improve night jogging safety.

There are night joggers will use other reflective material,

Such as heat transfer reflective tape, reflective cloth,

In their own clothes on the custom reflective pattern or join the reflective cloth and so on.

Reflective material child’s umbrella

The child’s safety consciousness is weak

The children go out of the security issues more and more everyone’s concern,

Children go to school and go home from school,

More and more vehicles,

Children on the road security risks increasing.

6 years old children can only focus on an object,

Rather than multiple objects.

For example, when a 5-year-old child sees her mother standing opposite the road,

He will only think of crossing the road to find her mother

Rather than to see if there is a vehicle around him.

In addition, children before the age of 10 didn’t the ability estimate the distance between the vehicle and their own.

How can we make the child go home more secure?

Dressed in a dress with a reflective heat transfer vinyl,

A bag with a reflective strip

Can reduce the risk of outdoor accident,

Children play in the road,

Can remind the past pedestrian vehicles, to avoid children.

Reflective backpack for children

Parents should teach their children to protect themselves

We initiative newborn parents or guardians to accompany their children familiar with the school line 2 to 3 times,

Demonstration over the road to “left look, right look, and then left to see”

It is also important to mobilize children to wear reflective material,

Can be as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of security incidents.

Care for children, care for family

It is recommended that the family wear clothing with reflective material,

Let the accident go away, safe to accompany.

Children reflective vest

Airport ramp reflective vest management should be further strengthened

Reflective vest some special types of forced wear.

We all know,

Airport ramp operator, is a kind of dangerous work.

Especially at night,

The possibility of accidents is relatively large.

They will wear a reflective vest or reflective jacket,

So that the past vehicles and aircraft can find their presence,

As well as command intent.

Therefore, the ramp reflective vest for them is particularly important.

reflective vest

Most of the airports also require

Temporary work into the staff of the ramp

Must wear a reflective vest

Or a significant reflective logo of the clothing before entering the ramp

And provides a regulatory responsibility unit,

To ensure that all types of staff familiar with and comply with the dress code requirements.

Airport field command center will strengthen the daily supervision and inspection efforts,

Combined with the control area pass card integral management system,

For those who do not wear reflective clothing into the ramp of the staff to punish.

Reflective heat transfer vinyl Applications

Reflective heat transfer vinyl can be used for a variety of styles of safety clothing:

Reflective raincoats, sanitation workers reflective clothing, reflective bike clothes, reflective uniforms,

Reflective casual clothes, traffic police reflective clothing, outdoor reflective sportswear, reflective labor protection clothes,

Reflective overalls, special industries, such as reflective clothing.

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