Glow Film Luminous Principle

Glow Film, scientific name Photoluminescent Film, can be luminous at night material.

Through the absorption and release of visible light, let it shine in the dark night.

Glow in the dark film can be used for a variety of safety signs, such as: Emergency Exit Signs, fire safety signs, staircase signs and so on.

Is Glow Film harmful to the human body?

What is the working principle of glow film, harmful to the human body?

It is non-toxic, non-radioactive material, will not have any harm to the human body!

The structure of glow film

Want to completely understand a material, the most direct way is to break it into each component.

Glow In The Dark Film is composed of mask layer, light storage layer, white glue layer, adhesive layer, dependent protective layer.

Glow In The Dark Vinyl Of Structure

  1. Mask layer is the role of protection of light storage layer, and can be in the above lettering, engraved patterns;
  2. Light storage layer, is the core layer of luminous film. It is composed of phosphor and glue fusion, the role is to store light and released light;
  3. White glue layer, also known as the reflective layer. Reflect the light emitted by the light storage layer, so that the light storage film looked brighter;
  4. Adhesive layer can be used to affix the object you want to paste;
  5. Dependent protective layer is to protect the adhesive layer isn’t contaminated.

Glow In The Dark Vinyl luminous principle

In summary, the light storage layer is the core of luminous film luminescence, and the core of the luminescent layer is phosphor. Phosphor, also called luminous powder, it is derived from rare earth elements.

Rare earth element luminescence principle, through the rare earth element atomic electron energy level transition to achieve the absorption and release of light.

In other words, when there is light, the energy level of low electron absorption can reach its energy level transition energy, jump to high energy orbit.

When the light disappears or weakened to a certain level, to reach the high-level orbit electrons release energy, transition back to low-level orbit, so as to achieve luminous phenomenon. This process is repeated and will not decay.

In other words, the luminous film luminous principle is actually through the phosphor atomic electron energy level transition to achieve, this process doesn’t produce any toxins and radioactivity.

Because it doesn’t rely on electricity, it’s far more reliable than the electronic safety signs, but also energy saving!

The prospect of Glow In The Dark Film

Visionary people know that glow in the dark safety signs have become a safe signs irreplaceable products.

The application of luminescent materials will become more and more extensive.

Not only safety signs, but also the use of luminous film in the heat transfer printing, which can be used as reference Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl Leading Fashion

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Glow In The Dark Safety Signs

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