DOT Reflective Tape —— Application of PC Material in Reflective Field

DOT Reflective tape, the surface is made of PC material, PC full name Polycarbonate. The manufacturing process of WEALLIGHT’s reflective tape, refer to Diamond Grade Micro Prism Reflective Tape.

Polycarbonate a colorless transparent amorphous thermoplastic material, good light transmission can be used as reflective tape surface material.

Used in the field of reflective reverse reflection. Polycarbonate with its unique high transmittance, High refractive index, high impact resistance, Dimensional stability and easy molding and other characteristics, In this area occupies an extremely important position.

reflective tape structure

Physical properties of PC materials

Density: 1.18-1.22 g / cm ³

Linear expansion rate: 3.8 × 10 ^ -5 cm / ° C

Hot deformation temperature: 135 ℃

Brittle temperature: -40 ℃

Colorless and transparent, heat, impact, flame retardant BI, in the use of temperature has good mechanical properties.

PC material advantages

  1. Transmission of light: PC material light transmission rate of up to 85% or more, almost the same with the glass. Increase the UV technology of PC material in the sun burst sun does not produce yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission.
  2. Resistance to impact performance: the same thickness PMMA 30 times, with 3kg hammer following two meters fall no cracks. “not broken glass ” reputation.
  3. Anti-ultraviolet: PC material UV resistance is weak, need to increase the UV process, so that it is not UV damage.
  4. Flame retardant: Belonging to the flame retardant self-extinguishing plastic. PC itself is 580 degrees Celsius ignition, self-extinguishing from the fire. Burning will not produce toxic gases, will not contribute to the spread of fire.
  5. Brittleness temperature: PC material embrittlement temperature of -40 ℃, the minimum continuous use of temperature -30 ℃, is the general plastic can’t be achieved.
  6. Creep resistance: PC material creep resistance in the thermoplastic is the best. Even at high temperatures, its creep is still small.
  7. Weatherability: PC material can be -40 ℃~120 ℃ range to maintain the stability of the physical indicators. Artificial climate aging test 4000 hours, yellowing degree of 2, light transmittance reduction value of only 0.6%.
  8. Prevent condensation: outdoor temperature of 0 ℃, indoor temperature of 23 ℃, indoor relative humidity below 80%, the surface of the material will not condense dew.

Application of PC Material in Reflective Field – DOT Reflective Tape

Based on the PC material of the good performance, in the field of reflective applications more and more.

DOT Reflective tape outdoor life of 3 – 5 years, the operating temperature range of -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃.

Can be adapted to the more harsh working environment, DOT-C2 reflective tape certification is the necessary material.

DOT C2 Reflective tape

WEALLIGHT is engaged in research and development of reflective materials for many years the factory, a professional development and production team, to provide you with professional advice to buy.

We also offer Custom Flexible Magnetic Reflective Car Stickers or other reflective/luminous product.

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