Diamond Grade Reflective Tape —— Micro Prism Super Grade Reflective Tape

Diamond Grade Reflective Tape —— WEALLIGHT

Diamond Grade Reflective Tape is through the reverse reflection of light to reduce the night traffic accident.

WEALLIGHT Diamond Grade Reflective Tape reverse reflection coefficient can be achieved even beyond the national standard primary reflective film standard,

With 3M, Avery and other internationally renowned brand products comparable.

WEALLIGHT through six inspection mechanism to ensure product shipping quality:

  1. IQC feed inspection mechanism
  2. FBI pre-inspection mechanism
  3. SOP standard operation guidance self – inspection mechanism
  4. FQC online inspection mechanism
  5. OQC sampling mechanism
  6. ORT reliability test inspection mechanis

Six inspection mechanism

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01 Reflective basic knowledge

What is light? Light is an electromagnetic wave

(In vacuum) visible light wavelength range is 380 ~ 780nm;

Infrared light is about 780 ~ 10 ^ 7nm; UV light 1 ~ 380nm;

Shorter than the ultraviolet light X-ray, γ-ray 

Optical unit

Light intensity = Candela cd

Illumination: The light on the surface of an object lux

Brightness: The intensity of light from the surface of an object produced by scattering or by reflection at night / Unit area. Cd / m²

Reverse reflection coefficient

The ratio of the luminous intensity coefficient to the surface area of ​​the retroreflector.

Unit for candela per lux per square meter (cd·lx-1·m²)

The retroreflective factor is the most important technical indicator for detecting various reflective materials

Two ways to achieve retro reflex

Glass beads and cubic crystal type also known as micro-edge type

02 Micro prism Diamond Grade Reflective Tape Structure Principle and Production Technology

Micro prism Reflective Vinyl Structure

Light through the surface into the grade reflective reflector tape,

Into the prism on the corner, and then reflected back from the original direction.

Reflector tape

Micro-prism-type retro reflective sheet core technology is the difficulty of the prism base layer of the production, so the product description as a key to explain.

Micro – prism reflective patches Seamless Continuous Production

Extrusion rolling without seams, continuous production process,

Before that, only the United States, Japan, South Korea and a few other countries can achieve production.

WEALLIGHT prism super grade reflective film,

The first time in China using the world’s most advanced extrusion pressure Pattern technology,

To achieve this section of reflective material without seams, large width,

High efficiency and continuous production for China’s related industries to achieve a zero breakthrough.

Micro Prism Reflective Film

Micro – Prism Diamond Grade Reflective Tape technology difficult

A motherboard design and production

B mold production

C substrate material

D precision extrusion embossing technology

New Micro – Diamond Grade Reflective Base Film Production Process

Raw materials drying → Plastic melting → Measuring out of the film → Mechanical molding → Cover film Polishing → Finished winding products

Micro - diamond Reflective tape Base Film Production Process

New processing technology features

  1. Application field expansion: new processing technology, can achieve the majority of thermoplastic micro-precision machining, effectively expanding the application of the product
  2. Significant increase in efficiency: the product to the mechanical molding before, completely belong to the molten state, relatively easy to shape, reducing the mechanical molding time, effectively greatly enhance the production efficiency

Quality control to enhance: raw materials into the finished product,

The entire process of continuous production line,

Reducing the midway link, so that the whole process are controlled state

03 Unique formula and product characteristics

WEALLIGHT Prism diamond grade reflective tape base film,

The use of the world’s leading polycarbonate (PC) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) optical materials as a substrate extruded embossed.

Plastic particles

Plastic particles

Special weathering formula and twin screw modified equipment to modify,

To maintain the original optical properties of optical materials and mechanical properties on the basis of the material to achieve weather resistance and rheological properties of the upgrade.

Modified equipment

Modified equipment

Polycarbonate, referred to as PC

PC, a kind of amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or slightly yellow thermoplastic engineering plastics, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, can be long-term use at -50 ~ 120 ℃ Light transmission rate of 90% or more, second only to PMMA, and its own has a good weather resistance, reflective material is one of the preferred use of materials.

PC material is an important component of DOT Reflective Tape, one of the necessary materials for DOT certification.

Poly methyl methacrylate: acrylic, commonly known as PMMA

PMMA, density 1.188-1.22g / cm3; highly transparent, light transmittance of 90% -92%, the highest transparency in the plastic;

Glass glass transition temperature 80-100 ℃, the use of temperature -40 ~ 80 ℃, heat relative Low electrical insulation, good weather resistance and insulation;

Their surface hardness is higher, plus hard surface hardness can reach 4-5H, scratch-resistant effect is better.

Common plastic products to distinguish between methods


Comparison of performance of related materials


Reflective tape product features

WEALLIGHT Prism Super Grade Reflective Tape, the use of microcrystalline cube-corner cube prism of the modified reflective design technology, coupled with a large, continuous production process, the product to achieve a wide range of high and reverse the advantages of reverse coefficient while ensuring its surface reverse Coefficient of uniformity and stability.

Product retro-reflection coefficient can meet or exceed the national standard (China) reflective film standard, with 3M, Avery and other internationally renowned brand products comparable.

Reflective tape retro-reflection coefficient

Reflective film GB standard (China)

According to the national standard seven kinds of reflective film in the minimum inverse reflection coefficient were:

(Test conditions: standard white, -4 ° angle of incidence, 0.2 ° viewing angle cd • lx-1 • m2)

seven kinds of reflective film in the minimum inverse reflection coefficient

04 Reflector tape weather resistance

Factors affecting the outdoor aging of reflector tape

Affect the reflective tape in the outdoor life of the seven factors:

Dew, humidity, temperature, sunlight, rain, lightning, wind.

Affect the reflective tape in the outdoor life of the seven factors

The main factor affecting the service life of the reflective film is the ultraviolet radiation in the sun.

Classification and characteristics of ultraviolet light

UV-A: wavelength of 315-380nm, resulting in the degradation of certain polymer molecules; lead to skin tanning, but not burn the skin; can penetrate the glass.

UV-B: wavelength of 280-315nm, in the earth’s surface to the sun, its shortest wavelength, the strongest energy, resulting in most of the polymer degradation; lead to skin burns.

UV-C: wavelength 100-280nm, only the outer layer of the atmosphere; by the ozone layer in the atmosphere to absorb; can be carcinogenic; can be sterilized.

Polycarbonate weather resistance

Polycarbonate (full light transmittance) outdoor placement test

Polycarbonate (full light transmittance) outdoor placement test

Polycarbonate (yellow index) outdoor placement test

Polycarbonate (yellow index) outdoor placement test

Polyvinyl methacrylate weather resistance

Polyvinyl methacrylate weather resistance

As shown above, WEALLIGHT polycarbonate raw materials after weather modification, after 3 years of outdoor placement test, the light transmittance can still be maintained at more than 85%, while another important optical properties of the yellowing index has not changed, completely Can meet the national standard (China) 50% -80% of the requirements.

The WEALLIGHT polymethyl methacrylate raw materials by weather modification, the optical and mechanical properties can be maintained within 10 years without major changes.

WEALLIGHT quality assurance – Six inspection supervision mechanism

  1. IQC: raw materials into the company, after a rigorous inspection before the acceptance of storage.
  2. SBI: Before the use of raw materials, the use of personnel to confirm the quality of raw materials.
  3. SOP: Staff pre-job training, SOP guide operations, each process after the completion of self-test.
  4. FQC: special FQC job online inspection.
  5. OQC: OQC sampling, inspection of qualifying to confirm, the Treasury confirmed a seal can be stored.
  6. ORT: According to company standards, some special requirements test. The results need to be registered, qualified products need to be stamped before release.

05 Reflective Tape Actual Effect Picture

WEALLIGHT High-strength Reflective Hoop Tape Effect of the Actual Picture I

High-strength reflective film effect Figure I

WEALLIGHT High-strength Reflective Tape DOT C2 effect of the Actual Picture II

High strength grade reflective tape field effect Figure II

WEALLIGHT Diamond Grade Reflective Tape Effect of the Actual Picture III

High-strength Reflective Film Field Effect Figure III

Reflective tape factory — WEALLIGHT

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We produce a variety of reflective materials and luminous material, including:

Reflective Film, Reflective Tape For Clothing, Reflective Tape DOT C2, Bike Reflective Tape, Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl, Luminous Tape, Luminous Safety Signs, Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl and so on.

We can be made according to the standard material, can also accept custom. Can be customized for your brand, for your retail wholesale!

For example, we can accept Custom Flexible Magnetic Reflective Car Stickers.

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