Conspicuity tape requirements

Conspicuity tape requirements is to reduce traffic accidents at night and improve vehicle visibility.

The working principle of reflective tape is that the light can be reflected back to the location of light source by retroreflective, so that the reflective adhesive tape can achieve a bright effect and play a role in preventing traffic accidents.

The vehicles you can see are safer. This is particularly important for high speed, heavy load, or regular parking on busy roads or highways.

Highly visible vehicle signs are indispensable for ensuring the safety of road users. This is confirmed by specific safety regulations, such as mandatory ECE104 in 2011.

Since July 2011, Regulation ECE 104 has required that all newly registered over 7.5 tonnes of heavy trucks and more than 3.5 tonnes of trailers should have a reflective markup mark, clearly outline the rear and side of the vehicle, so as to improve its visibility.

ECE 104 regulation also provides for the standard of the reflective material used and the position it must be on the vehicle or trailer.

But even prior to Regulation ECE 104, fleet managers have used reflective signs on vehicles, mainly reflective tape, which can really help prevent accidents and save lives.

Italy was the first European country in Europe to pass this regulation in 2006. Assessment of traffic accidents at night indicates that the number of deaths in traffic accidents in Italy during this period is reduced by two times compared with that in other Western European countries: Italy has decreased by 36%, and the rest of Western Europe has decreased by 18% (data source: ERSO-DaCoTa Reports 2012).

ECE 104 is a specification for the technical requirements for the backward reflection marking of trucks and trailers approved by Europe.

The reflective materials are divided into three categories:

“C” class: outline marking material

“D” class: used in limited areas

“E” class: materials used to expand areas for discriminating markers / graphics

In terms of reflectivity, the “C” class is the highest level, and the “E” class is the lowest.

ECE 104 regulation stipulates the conspicuity tape requirements, which vehicles must conform to which colors, which colors should be used, and so on.

In other words, all the technical aspects of retro reflective tape applications must be approved in accordance with the technical requirements of ECE 104.

ECE 104 does not include any details about the actual use of the tape on the vehicle – forty-eighth of these information.

“C” class Conspicuity Markings

The forty-eighth only includes the “C” category.

Because Regulation 48 deals with lighting and light-signalling devices, the classes “D” and “E” of ECE 104 are not included into, or dealt with, in this regulation.

In the past, when the ECE 104 contained the application guide, it was required that the graphics made with D or E materials must be placed in the complete outline mark.

Today, this is not a requirement in the forty-eighth, but a decision by the countries. This means that this is what you need to check your own national lighting regulations.

Van low speed van reflective tape

Side Conspicuity Markings

80% of the vehicle length (excluding the length of the engine room) must be marked. Under special circumstances, the application of difficulty can be reduced to 60%, and for special difficult applications, it can be reduced by 40%.

The downlink of the labelled band must be placed at a minimum of 250mm from the ground, with a maximum height of 1500mm. The maximum height is extended to 2500mm.

The length of the upper corner mark must not be less than 250mm. The upper corner marks should be as high as possible, but within 400mm of the upper end of the vehicle.

Rear Conspicuity Markings

Full profile marks need to be made to the rear unless this is not possible because of the structure of the vehicle. The maximum height of the lower horizontal line is the same as that of the side mark (see above).

Which color of reflective tape should be used?

Yellow: can be used in SIDE/REAR

Red: it can be used in the rear

White: can be used in SIDE

*) Note: special conspicuity tape requirements for Poland and Ireland

Poland: behind only yellow reflective tape

Ireland: behind only red reflective tape

It is suggested that you can often verify to the national road administration to obtain special national requirements for the use of color.

ECE 104 E-Mark

The conspicuity marking material of the approved sign has been approved in Germany (E1) and numbered 0001148.

The first two figures of the approval number showed that the approval was submitted in accordance with the conspicuity tape requirements of regulation No. 104th.

The symbol “C” represents the category of the reflective material used to mark the outline / strip.

The symbol “D” should indicate the material used to limit the special marks / graphics of the region, the symbol “E” material for special markup / graphics for the expansion of the region.

ECE 104

You want to mark your heavy goods vehicle with a reflective tape, but how do you make sure that the reflective tape you bought has actually been approved?

There are many conspicuity tape on the market, and the quality and price are very different. Many of the tapes have 50 millimeter width and new legal colors – yellow, red and white.

But that’s not enough! The key is to find “E-Mark” – a sign that is permanently printed at least 50 centimeters in the ECE 104 reflective tape.

How does tape manufacturer get E-Mark?

In order to obtain a certification mark, the reflective tape must meet all the minimum requirements of the law. This means that, as a user, you can determine that the tape is excellent in terms of reflectivity, the correct color, and the durability in all weather conditions. The approved tape was widely tested at the certified European test agency, only when the tape was granted to the E mark through all the tests.

ECE 104 Reflective Tape


This means that it is certified to Class C of Regulation 104.

Authentication of the C class. The C class is the correct grade of the line / contour marking tape.

E + number:

This indicates which country / area video tape is approved by the testing agency. For example, E4 means that the tape is approved at a research institute in Holland.

104 R + number:

104 R indicates that the tape has been approved in accordance with ECE 104 regulation. The final number is the actual approval number for this special tape.

What does the element in the E-mark mean?

The approved tape displays the same or similar marks in the photo (this particular marker is used for the VC 104+ tape approved for the rigid surface).

So – make sure that the tape you buy for your truck has an electronic label. This is not only a guarantee of quality and performance, but also a guarantee of compliance with the law.

Background for implementing mandatory conspicuity tape requirements

ECE 104 – the law of all newly registered commercial vehicles in Europe

Truck dumper

The enforcement of conspicuity tape requirements has a major goal – reducing the number of traffic accidents involving trucks and trailers under weak light conditions.

Visibility improves road traffic safety, nocturnal identifiability and visibility – a good news for drivers and their vehicles through visibility.

Since July 2011, all European commercial vehicles need to install a conspicuity reflective tape.

The life-saving measures are an important step in reducing the risk of accident and further improving the safety of highway transportation.

ECE 104 Conspicuity tape requirements is suitable for all new registered commercial vehicles and more than 3.5 tons and above trailers for all 7.5 tons or more.

At present, the reflective material that complies with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (48-03) law must now be applied to the side and rear of all related vehicles.

Tag tapes greatly reduced the traffic accident rate of long articulated vehicles and trucks, which has been confirmed in several surveys, including Darmstadt’s research in Europe. The NHTSA study estimates that the potential reduction of these types of accidents is not less than 41%.

We are reflective tape suppliers and manufacturers, for WEALLIGHT, it is the most important to combine security with the needs of the user to maximize the interests of the customers.

It’s safe to be seen.

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