Best heat transfer vinyl —— best shirt material for heat transfer vinyl

Best heat transfer vinyl is reflective heat transfer vinyl, it to protect the importance of personal safety, needless to say, we all know.

But do you want to go out in this safety vest every day?

reflective tape for vest

Yes, it’s safe to go out in a reflective vest, but would we like to go out in this way?

No, I don’t want to.

I love fashion, cool clothes.

I like safe, handsome, reflective heat transfer vinyl clothing.

Do you like it?

reflective vinyl for shirts

Man: I’m still young, I need a handsome image. Freedom and living a life of uninhibited indulgences.

Woman: I’m young. I need beautiful clothes. Forgive me for being beautiful and loving life.

Yes, our young generation doesn’t want to be fettered. We pursue the safety of fashion.

We want to be the focus of the spotlight.

We need personalized clothes.

reflective vinyl transfer

Children’s safety can’t be ignored

I want my son to be as handsome as a prince and my daughter as beautiful as a princess.

Of course, I want children to grow up healthily and happily.

Well, it’s just the right thing to do with reflective heat transfer vinyl custom clothes.

Children reflective t shirt

Best heat transfer vinyl —— luminous heat transfer vinyl

Reflective heat transfer vinyl retroreflective light doesn’t emit light itself.

Luminous heat transfer vinyl absorbs visible light and releases light when the light is weak.

glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl

Luminous heat transfer vinyl displays color of coloring layer in daytime,

The color of the phosphor layer appears when the light is weak,

Reflective heat transfer vinyl clothing without light isn’t luminous.

Luminous heat transfer vinyl clothing absorbs light, and can glow 2~12 hours in the light free environment.

More about the luminous principle of the glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl, please refer to Luminescent tape —— How much do you know

When reflective heat transfer vinyl meets luminous heat transfer vinyl

It’s a perfect combination of fashion and safety

reflective vinyl for clothing

Best heat transfer vinyl —— Color reflective heat transfer vinyl, have you heard of it?

The general reflective heat transfer vinyl displays silver white under illumination

Colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl is multi colored, different angles show different colors.

reflective transfer film

It’s suitable for sportswear, underwear, advertising shirts, cultural shirts, bags, hats, aprons, brand logo and other products

Points for attention in the application of reflective heat transfer vinyl

  1. If the fabric is stretchable, then the fabric should be preheated prior to the above operation, and choose TPU hot melt adhesive.
  2. Customers with high fastness requirements:
  3. Can increase the pressure and prolong the pressing time.
  4. Press the front face immediately, press it for 3-4 seconds on the back or bake it in the oven.
  5. If the fabric can’t withstand 150 degrees and 15 seconds press the temperature and time, you can properly reduce the temperature and extend the time to achieve the above effect.
  6. After tearing the film: if there is a part of the glue off phenomenon, may be caused by the heat transfer glue wet, please continue baking at low temperature, heat transfer glue drying. If the reflecting surface is pitted phenomenon, can use a rag to heal.
  7. 24-48 hours later, we can test the fastness. The fastness is mainly related to the glue
  8. In order to avoid destroying the reflective layer of the surface and causing waste products, in the handling can’t bend and upright placed. Curling should not be too small.

When darkness falls,

Pedestrians, jogger, cyclist and biker,

They all wear reflective heat transfer vinyl clothing,

It’s fashion and safety.

WEALLIGHT is a reflective material manufacturer. We have the best heat transfer vinyl —— reflective heat transfer vinyl and luminous heat transfer vinyl

We have a rich experience in the production of reflective material, and the reflective tape products have passed the DOT certification in the United States.

Contact us for free best heat transfer samples.

Reflective Stickers For Clothing

Reflective Stickers For Clothing

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl

Glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl